Summer Home Maintenance Tasks

Check these items to help maintain your home's value and increase your enjoyment and safety

Recreational equipment - Time to oil the swing set and make certain other items such as trampolines are in good repair to have a safer and quieter Summer.

Deck and patio - A simple deck and/or patio walk around will help you find items in need of repair and maintenance. Summer is a great time to apply deck and patio sealers to extend their life. Pay special attention to the manufactures directions on all products.

Lighting - Check any outdoor lighting and replace lamps as needed especially near steps and walkways.

Doors & windows - This is a great time to check the your screens and windows are in good shape. Look for holes and tears in screens and make sure that windows and doors operate smoothly and that their weather stripping and seals are in good condition.

Siding - Some types of siding should be washed down periodically to keep them looking good. Avoid high pressure power washers as they tend to push water up behind the siding and can lead to moisture penetration and subsequent damage.

Roof - First, be safe. Roof inspections are best left to the professionals. You can however look for obvious damage at roof penetrations and any damage from storms. If you find something, contact a roofing contractor to inspect and give you an estimate for repairs.

Foundation - Have those little plants you put close to foundation become tree like?
It may be time to prune them or dig them out and replace them taking into account the size they will reach at maturity.

Air conditioning equipment - Take not the there is clear access to outdoor air conditioning equipment that is needed for serving. Also check to see that the pad the equipment rests on has remained level to avoid putting stress on the lines running back into the house.

Clothes Dryer venting - Often forgot about until the clothes stop getting dry or dry too slowly, is the exhaust venting for you clothes dryer. check both the outside vent to see that it is clean and that the flapper is operating normally. Also check where it connects to the back of the dryer to see if lint has built up and is blocking air flow. While you're in the area also check the hoses and connections to the clothes washer for any damage or leaks.

Water Heater - This is the best time to pay attention to your water heater. Near the bottom of the tank is valve for connection of a hose. running some water out of this valve through a garden hose and into the closest drain is a way to extend the life of the water heater. run the water out of the tank until it runs clear. A few gallons should do it. Keep in mind that this water is very hot so protect yourself.

Have a happy and safer Summer.


Fall weather is here

Fall weather is here

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