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Summertime Home To Dos

 Summertime is play time in the North land but your home still needs some attention:

Chimney: If you have a wood burning fireplace or stove this is the time to have it cleaned. The dangers of solid fuel burning appliances should not be minimized. It seems every heating season we hear stories of tragedy associated these devices that are meant to increase the enjoyability of our homes. Because of the potential danger, keeping your chimney clean is an essential part of home safety and summer is the best time to do it: summer is a season when most people don’t give their fireplace a second thought, which makes it the ideal time to call a chimney sweep.

Paint or Clean Your House: What ever your home is sided with, it fades, chips, gets discolored or gets just plain dirty. A few days spent in a single Summer can improve the curb appeal and value of your home for years. Whether it's just touch up, a new color or pressure washing unpainted surfaces it's important to take time and use the right equipment and techniques. Visit your local home improvement center and ask them for advice.

Repave/Repair Your Driveway: Instead of fighting ice, snow, and other various weather elements, repave your driveway during summertime. A repaved driveway not only looks more appealing, but it also keeps cracks from spreading. Even if your driveway doesn’t need complete repaving, take a few days during summer to clean it fill in the sections that could use some work.

Clean out Your Window Wells: Cleaning a window well is like going on a treasure hunt, discovering things you haven’t seen in years. Whether or not you are looking for anything specific, cleaning window wells is an essential summer chore. If you have drains at the bottom of your window wells, clean the grate so your basement doesn't become a built in swimming pool when the window is left open and that next deluge happens. Before beginning your window well cleaning, be sure to put on gloves, pants, and a long sleeve shirt: window wells can contain their fair share of biting insects.

Though summer is often too short the time you spend now maintaining will be enjoyed for years come.


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