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Ahhh Summer, The Season We All Wait For

Well summer has finally arrived after a slow start. As the temps increase, here are some tips to reign in you energy bills.

  • Open the house up and let it breathe when the outside temperature falls below 75 degrees. It will help cool down the interior and the structure.
  • When the temp returns above 75, turn your AC back on.
  • keep your thermostat at 77-78 degrees when in AC mode. Air this temp that is properly dehumidiied by your system will be a welcomed relief when the out side temps soar into the 90s or more.
  • Wash clothes and run the dishwasher when the AC is off. Early morning and late at night will reduce the load on your system and excess humidity can be vented outside when the house is open and not beign conditioned.
  • Limit your use of the oven and cooktop to hours when you have the windows open and always use a venthood that exhausts to the outside. Plan warm weather meals such as salads, fruits and other non cooked alternatives.
  • Fire up that grille and cook outside. what's better than fresh hamburger or a steak with some grilled vegetables?
  • Make sure you use the vent fan when showering or bathing to remove the excess moisture to the outside.
  • Drink lots of water. You will avoid dehyration and and it will help you stay cool.

Enjoy your summer and get out there and have some fun.

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